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Benefits of Eating Local Food

Benefits of Eating Local Food


Local food is more nutritious and fresher.

Local food is fresher, tastes better and is more nutritious. At GreenCrate Farm most local produce has been picked within the last 24 hours, ensuring it is ripe and at its peak nutrient-density. In contrast, most supermarket produce was picked days or weeks prior to reaching the grocery store shelf. As soon as a food is harvested its nutrient content begins to deteriorate. The less distance your food has to travel from the moment it's picked till the moment it is on your plate greatly impacts your overall health.

Eating with the seasons supports your needs.

At GreenCrate Farm, we are committed to delivering to your what your body needs most.  When you eat locally with our GreenCrate delivery subscription, you eat with the seasons, and the cycle of seasonal produce is perfectly designed to support your health. Getting back to the basics, like we are built to desire and require.  Before air travel and the importation of food picked weeks ago made to withstand weeks of refrigeration we ate what was picked fresh in the season it was grown for us.  Our local seasons provides the ideal foods for our body’s natural needs based on our geographic location.

GreenCrate assorted help you discover new foods and obtain a wider variety of nutrients.

Eating well can get boring if you stick to the basics; How often do you eat garlic scapes, kohlrabi or kobocha squash? Whether you choose to pick your own or receive a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription, supporting local farmers supports your health and longevity.

Mindful eating 

Fresh produce from a local farm encourages more time spent researching recipes, preparing delicious and sometimes surprising meals.  The connection of the food on your plate to your local economy and community creates a mindfulness you will never achieve through a grocery store purchase or a previously prepared meal.  You connect with your food, your community, your body and the positive results on your body and mind are as unlimited as the meals you can create. 

Produces less waste.

Because buying local shortens the distribution chain, forcing food directly from the farm to fork, less waste is produced in the process. Not only does buying local mean less packaging via transportation and shipping, but it also means less environmental waste from pollution and less food waste in the process as well. Buying a GreenCrate from a local farm means next to no food packaging at all, ensures food was moved directly from a local farm to you.  You are minimizing your Carbon Footprint with every GreenCrate.Farm delivery.

Supports local farmers and the local economy.

When you buy from GreenCrate Farm you are supporting the economy in your neighbourhood, each location delivers within just 30km.  Which means your money is going right back into your local community ensuring sustainability and equitability for your neighbors.

Supports sustainable agriculture.

Eating locally encourages diversification of local agriculture and crop variety. This, in turn, reduces the reliance on monoculture; single crops grown over a wide area to the detriment of soils. The reality is that our food is only as nutrient-dense as the soil in which it is grown; although strawberries are known to contain high levels of vitamin C, these levels are heavily dependent on the quality of the soil in which they are grown, and their level of freshness.

Gives power to you, the consumer.

We all have strong opinions about our food, environment and our dietary needs.  When you choose GreenCrate locally sourced sustainable produce you are creating the demand for locally farmed foods and reducing the demand for flown in produce from foreign communities.

The Endless Benefits of Buying GreenCrate.Farm Local Produce

The benefits of eating local food are endless, the greatest being the connection it gives you to your food. It’s scary to think how far removed we have become from our food; many of us eat foods never knowing if they grew from a plant, tree, shrub or bush. The more you eat locally the more you are able to reconnect with food and recognize the importance of real food and how it impacts your body. By supporting local farmers today, you are ensuring that there will be local farms in your community tomorrow, and that is something that we can all agree is important.

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