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As a member of GreenCrate Farms you will enjoy health, longevity and savings.  

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We have three options for our members, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly crates.  You can also choose one or more crates for your delivery.  Each crate contains enough to feed 2-4 people for one week of healthy meals.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Receive produce and recipes with each GreenCrate expanding your variety and improving the balance and excitement in mealtime.
  2. Fresh produce and a list of recipes that you will enjoy.
  3. Make vegetable lovers out of kids and carnivores.
  4. Save 60% on your produce bill.
  5. Less temptation from the junk food aisles when shopping for your healthy produce.
  6. A slimmer waste.
  7. A healthier heart.
  8. A bigger smile.
  9. Contribute to your local economy, local growers assisting in local sustainable community improvement.
  10. Make the planet a littler greener while staying home and staying safe.


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