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The New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Keep

The New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Keep

2022 is just around the corner! You’ve probably been hearing friends, coworkers, neighbors, or even strangers at the grocery store talk about their new year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re contemplating one for yourself. 

Don’t mistake thinking your new year resolution needs to be some grandiose, trendy, overly challenging goal. Small changes over time make a big difference. This year, figure out a goal that’s reasonable, realistic and scalable; that’s the key to new year resolutions you can actually keep! Think about a small positive change you can implement in your life everyday. Add in a 15 minute walk, 10 minutes of meditation, one page of journaling, or eating an extra serving of fruits and veggies a day!  

Understanding Serving Sizes

So what is considered one serving of vegetables? According to Heart.org, one serving of vegetables can vary depending on the vegetable type. For example, one serving of leafy greens is one cup. When it comes to other fresh, frozen or canned vegetables, one serving is half a cup. You can also think about it visually and break it down like this:

One serving of vegetables could be:

  • ½ of a large bell pepper
  • 5-8 broccoli florets
  • half of a medium potato 
  • half of a small squash 
  • ...and so on! 

Simple Ways to Eat More Veggies

Five servings might seem like a lot, but don’t overthink it! One of the easiest ways to hit your serving goal is to incorporate veggies in some way at every meal. For breakfast, whip up a smoothie with spinach or kale. Add peppers or mushrooms to your omelets and potatoes. At lunch, choose something like Vegetable soup, a big salad, or simply add extra veggies to your sandwich. For dinner, you have tons of options! Make a stir fry or toss some veggies on the grill for kabobs. You can saute, microwave, or roast fresh or frozen veggies to add as any side dish. You could even use chopped cauliflower as a rice substitute. 

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